Since 2015, Zaffer Corporation has been working with partners like JQ  Technologies, LLC.  JQT has the reputation and excellence standing behind everything they do.

Credit Card Processing Fees!

All types of Credit Card companies are charging your businesses 3-5% of your gross sales every time a customer pays with one of their branded cards.

Imagine eliminating all credit card processing fees. What would you do with an extra $1,000 a month. Invest in your business? Hire a new person so you can grow?

New Point-of-Sale system? Have you upgraded to the new EMV clip standard necessary to reduce the risk of identify fraud and your businesses liability?

Call JQ Technologies today! We provide all businesses small or large with No Cost Up-Front POS equipment and EMV clip upgrade readers.

Call us today at 504-355-1919 for more information and to get your upgrade scheduled today.

Our commitment

  • FREE EMV chip-enabled equipment upgrade
  • FREE online, app or integration with any system currently used to process Credit Card
  • FREE Equipment (where applicable) upgrade every 36-months
  • Real-time data analytics to view all transactions in your facilities
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