The IT industry is built on innovation. This foundation provides promise for tomorrow but organizations must be able to successfully execute challenging technology projects today if they want to maximize revenue and capture market share. And while information technology projects aren’t new, the scope and impact of these projects have evolved and expanded in recent years. JQ Technologies experts know how to develop program charters that clearly define the parameters of today’s wide-ranging IT projects, giving technology organizations the tools necessary to achieve success on time and on budget.

Visioning & Strategy

Well-defined visions for the company’s processes, organizations, and technology are the foundation for a successful implementation.  They set the course for the project’s goals, priorities, timeframe, budget and so much more.  Without a well-defined vision and project strategy, the team cannot start planning for success.  JQ Technologies is a clear choice for driving this visioning and strategy.

Business Analysis

Not all business requirements are created equal.  JQ Technologies is adept at understanding the strategic business requirements that are vital to the business’ success.  JQ Technologies builds requirements based on the vision of the future, not as a repetition of what is currently being done.

Business Development

Driven by the visions and strategy, the Business Case helps determine the implementation plan, becomes a key communication theme, and provides a framework for making trade-off decisions as the project progresses through its phases.

Rollout Management

Even the most well-designed technology is meaningless without a successful rollout.  At rollout, many disciplines must come together seamlessly.  JQ Technologies understands these moving pieces.  Our rollout planning methodology and skill in management helps you to successfully handle the great number of transitions occurring during the implementation rollout phase.

User Adoption

Success depends on the readiness of people to adapt to change and to adopt new processes and technology.  A focus on adoption is required throughout the planning and execution of an implementation. JQ Technologies can help you measure adoption to ensure your users are prepared for success.

ERP Assessment

Whether the dust has settled on your implementation, or you are struggling to see a project to completion, JQ Technologies Technology Health Assessment provides an independent review of progress or results using business, technology and project criteria.  Our assessment focuses on finding risk areas and providing mitigation plans.

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